Our programs are not a handout. Achievers must work in order to receive the many life-long benefits of the services your donations allow us to provide. They are appreciative for the opportunity to find purpose in life, socialize, and gain independence through employment and skill development. Achieve also assists disabled veterans find employment and young, disabled adults transition from school to the work environment.

Through generosity, we are able to make a difference in the lives of so many Achievers. None of the work we do on a daily basis to help them achieve independence and employment would be possible without your help.

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Our Wish List!

Facility Needs

New Desktop Computers (10)
New Computer Monitors (10)
New Keyboard & Mouse (10)
New Laptops (6)
Microwaveable bowls, serving dishes, sponges, and towels
Warehouse Shelving (10′ and up for pallets)
Tape Guns (Commercial Grade for taping boxes)
Bags of mulch
$5 Gift cards for Volunteer Appreciation Gifts
Desk chairs (supportive for table top work or typing)
14 Passenger Bus to Transport Achievers
Teleconferencing equipment
40″ Arm Dock light

Consumer Needs

Sweatpants (Small – 3X; larger sizes especially needed)
Plastic utensils
Soup/pasta in microwaveable bowls
Aerosol deodorant
Combs and brushes
Hand Sanitizer
Gloves (non latex)
Band Aids
Bingo Prizes (IE: stuffed animals, puzzle books, medals, tumblers, etc
Arts & Crafts Supplies
Tea Sets for Etiquette Lessons
Exercise Mats
Exercise Equipment
Computer Games (Educational)
Photo Albums

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