Giving Tuesday

Join Achieve In Celebrating Giving Tuesday!


Giving Tuesday is a Nationwide celebrated event encouraging generosity and acts of selflessness during the holiday season.



We need your Support! This year has been a challenge for us all and our Achievers need your help now more than ever!  Through quarantine and social distancing measures, this pandemic has had a direct impact on our revenue sources and poses a threat to our programs.  Despite the odds, we have persevered by redesigning the way we provide services.  But with that came a growing need for funds to support those changes that included growing enhancement of Virtual Platforms, IT Equipment for Virtual Training, and maintaining constant supply of Personal Protective Equipment. We’re asking you to share in our commitment to our mission and invest in programs that will stabilize, heal, and restore our community’s economy!

The average monthly bus pass for the 595 Veterans we provide employment/training services for each year is $96. Reliable transportation is one of the biggest obstacles they must overcome in order to reach sustainable employment. Your donation would make the difference between homelessness and a successful, independent living.

The average weekly cost of attendance for an Achiever in our Academy is $125. Attending our Academy on a weekly basis helps provide quality social “soft” skills and work readiness skills training to the 90+ Achievers we serve.

If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to tell your friends and family about our campaign. Spreading the word gets our voices heard, our mission widely spread, and our ability to serve this community strengthened!