ACHIEVE GREATNESS OF Achieve Launches Job Readiness Training and Placement for Adults with Disabilities, Veterans, and Homeless Individuals

Dallas, TX – August 13, 2019   ACHIEVE GREATNESS certified its first class of graduates in job readiness in the food and restaurant industry. ACHIEVE GREATNESS, a full-service staffing and job placement organization, specializing in restoring income potential for individuals in an untapped talent pool.

“We’re excited to offer an opportunity for the community to hire trained and loyal employees while providing confidence, self-esteem, and sustainability for the individuals we serve,” commented Tim Allen, Executive Director of ACHIEVE.

The non-profit provides a variety of training programs including fork lift, restaurant, retail, landscape and Janitorial training, while also incorporating resume building and application skills. In order to supply these programs, ACHIEVE GREATNESS has teamed with The Time Group’s TG Academy. The programs are endorsed by industry associations seeking employees.

ACHIEVE GREATNESS’ trainers are motivated educators with real life experience including, Isaiah Stanback, former NFL player and Superbowl Champion who is a business owner with an MBA. Photos and Video.

For more information about ACHIEVE GREATNESS, visit Interested candidates for training or non-profits looking for job training classes for your needs, contact Karen Spicer or 214-637-2928, or Patty Rangel at or 214-637-2914.

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