Our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities and those with barriers to work to achieve their highest level of employment and independence. We are able to do this with programs that focus on vocational training and employment support for adults (ages 18 and above) with intellectual, physical, and/or mental health disabilities. The type and severity of disabilities our clients (people benefiting from our programs) have varies greatly, but the majority of clients are referred to us because their disability presents challenges to finding and keeping stable employment.

To learn more about our employment programs or about hiring our achievers, take a look at the different options we have available.

For Achievers

Work Center

Our Work Center Program provides on-site vocational training and rehabilitation. Our achievers receive work experience through fulfillment or assembly projects at our facility. Learn More

Employee Placement

For adults with disabilities who choose to work in the community, we offer hands-on employment placement services to help them achieve success. Learn More

Veteran Placement

Achieve provides employment services and job search assistance to veterans with disabilities. Veterans may apply directly for services without going through a referral agency. Learn More

For Employers

Hire Achievers

Let Achieve connect employers like you with candidates who are qualified, ready to work, and appreciative of the opportunities you can provide. Learn More

Request Fulfillment Quote

Achieve offers a reliable workforce and equipment for companies needing quality packaging, assembly, and/or production work at affordable prices. Learn More

To Qualify for Achieve Programs:

Must possess basic self-help skills, including the ability to independently toilet, eat, bathe, and transfer.
Must be able to function in a group setting and not display behaviors that are disruptive to the group.
Must be medically, psychologically, and psychiatrically stable and not require any on-going medical or psychiatric care that would significantly interfere with programming.
Must present a recent history that demonstrates an unlikelihood of physical or sexual aggression towards others.  All individuals with a history of physically or sexually aggressive behaviors will require the review and approval of the Executive Director before admission.
Must exhibit adequate physical, intellectual, and/or emotional skills to sustain consistent participation in programming.
Must be medication compliant by taking medications as prescribed and directed by a physician.
Individuals under the age of 25 must meet special federally-mandated criteria.