Work Center

Experience Hands-on Training and Receive a Paycheck.

Get Ready to Work!

The Achieve Work Center Program provides on-site vocational training and rehabilitation. From our 30,000 square foot warehouse to the common area lunchroom, Achievers feel a sense of purpose and community.

Work Center Program clients perform various packaging, sorting, fulfillment, and assembly projects for local companies, allowing them to learn vocational skills through real work and receive pay.

Tasks performed by Achievers are determined by disability and other factors.

Examples of Possible Tasks:

Building custom cardboard boxes for technology products
Applying labels to bottles for cleaning or beauty products
Counting, sorting, and bagging nuts and bolts for retail sale
Assembling marketing packets for large conventions

All work is performed with guidance and training from Production Supervisors who works in tandem with Case Managers assigned to clients. This helps to ensure success and progress towards individualized vocational and behavioral goals.
Achievers also attend classes addressing a variety of topics designed to enhance vocational, social, and life skills learned through work. Social activities, such as holiday parties, gardening, and games, are scheduled regularly to allow for development of soft skills and social behaviors that are essential to success in employment.

If you are interested in enrollment, please review important information and admissions criteria below.

If you are interested in requesting a fulfillment quote for a work project, click this button.

Program Enrollment

Adults with disabilities are referred to Achieve through several, public and private, agencies, which provide funding for the clients to participate in our programs. There is no fee for our services assessed to the client or their family members. Adults with disabilities who meet the admission criteria listed below and are currently aligned with a funding partner/referring agency should request a referral to enroll.

If you are interested in enrolling and meet the admission criteria, but you are not currently aligned with a funding partner/referring agency, contact Texas Workforce Solutions – Vocational Rehabilitation Service or Dallas Metrocare Services for more information regarding opening a case.

Our staff can also help guide you by providing information about opening a case with one of our funding partners/referring agencies. Contact us for more information.

To schedule a tour of our facility today, call 214.637.2911 or email us now.

Admission Criteria

All individuals admitted into services Achieve must have a physical, mental, or emotional disability that constitutes a significant handicap to their ability to obtain and maintain employment.

In addition, all individuals admitted into services must meet the following criteria:

Must possess basic self-help skills including the ability to independently toilet, eat, bathe, and transfer.
Must be able to function in a group setting and not display behaviors that are disruptive to the group.
Must be medically, psychologically, and psychiatrically stable and not require any on-going medical or psychiatric care that would significantly interfere with programming.
Must present a recent history that demonstrates an unlikelihood of physical or sexual aggression towards others. All individuals with a history of physically or sexually aggressive behaviors will require the review and approval of the Executive Director before admission.
Must exhibit adequate physical, intellectual, and/or emotional skills to sustain consistent participation in programming.
Must be medication compliant by taking medications as prescribed and directed by a physician.
Must be at least 16 years of age. Individuals between the ages of 16 and 21 must be referred in cooperation with the school system or no longer be involved in the educational process.

In order to ensure that the above criteria is met as well as ensure that programming meets the needs of the individual, adequate diagnostic information will be required before an individual can be admitted into any program.

Funding Partners

Current Funding Partners/Referring Agencies(Subject to Change)

  • ABBY
  • Abiding Angels
  • Abilities Inc.
  • Ability Connection Texas
  • Above Endless Heights
  • Abundant Life HCS
  • Ahora y Siempre
  • Aim High HCS
  • Berry Assisted Living
  • Berry Family Services
  • Centre for Neuro Skills
  • Clydie’s Place
  • Commitment to Care
  • Community Access
  • Community Homes for Adults
  • Community Options
  • Creekview Health Services
  • CSP Health Services
  • Daybreak
  • D & S Residential Services
  • Department of Aging & Disability Services
  • Eddie Ellis HCS Services
  • Enugu Care Center
  • Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries
  • Good Home Community Living
  • Jade Quality
  • Lifepath Systems
  • Lifetime Care
  • Maples Enterprises
  • Metrocare Services
  • Mosiac
  • Paso a Paso
  • Place Like Home
  • Promise Care
  • Ratcliff Youth and Family Services
  • Rescare
  • Royal Investment Groups
  • Starbright Health Services
  • Steadfast Home Health
  • Texas Workforce Solutions-Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Touch of Class
  • Volunteers of America Texas
  • Wellness Healthcare Solution